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Imagine a Skype session between your students and their new Ugandan friends.  Schools and governments often speak of global citizenship and, indeed, many great things are accomplished to this end.  Care and Hope through Adoption and Technology (CHAT), a registered Canadian charity, elevates this concept to a new, 21st Century standard.

CHAT is a collaborative network of individual donors and students at over fifty North American schools.  Using entrepreneurial models, students essentially rent and operate a small orphans’ home in Kasangati, Uganda.  They review the annual budget, find innovative solutions to problems (ie. e-readers/solar chargers), fund everything from rent to school fees, and pursue a goal of long term sustainability.  We create monthly learning resources to share our projects and learn about Uganda, the kids, the language, the mathematics of money and the science of soil.  They even pay the monthly salary of a live-in certified Ugandan teacher to assist with homework, tutoring, and household tasks.

While this business-like approach to “micro” investment has obvious cross-curricular and citizenship advantages, the enthusiasm that sustains the project comes from our use of social media and modern technology. Local initiatives and orphanage progress are updated almost daily on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We steer clear of unnecessary overhead costs by regularly emailing or posting photographs of projects and children to the website.  In fact, 100% of all money raised by our schools goes directly to Uganda.  Teachers and classes can even communicate with one another via email and Skype.  As of January 2014, three of our teachers had travelled to Uganda – using their own funds – to review progress and enhance the relationships for all of our other schools.

In order to seal the connections and maximize student engagement, each school participates in a live Skype session with the children in Uganda at least three times per year.  They sing songs, they dance, they ask questions; they play games like “Simon Says” and have show and tell. These Skype sessions are the heart of our work.  They are events that students eagerly anticipate, as do our kids in Uganda!

By learning about and connecting to another nation and 17 orphans that our team rescued from poverty and illiteracy, it is our hope and expectation that students around the world will develop a greater appreciation for their own opportunities. We hope to break down  stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa along the way.  We have observed an increased interest in learning and global citizenship in each of our schools.  We are a project and product of passion and we are fueled by fun.  Challenges are dealt with through unprecedented transparency, but the focus is on all things positive.

We hope you and your students will consider joining our team.

Steps for a Successful and Enjoyable Skype Session

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We wish that we could offer you many more sessions than we do, but the reality is that these kids get home from school at 4:30ish pm and that it gets dark at 7pm.  (10:30am -1pm until our clocks move)   Yes, they have chores and homework as well, and we make sure it all gets done, but we wish to be clear:  These children LOVE Skyping with you.  Indeed, they love YOU and all that you are doing for them.

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