Setting the Stage for Entrepreneurship

Research shows that when a student is engaged with meaningful entrepreneurial ventures they gain valuable skills and are more likely to contribute positively to the labour force. This project will evaluate a business venture coaching network that will partner existing entrepreneurs and a project manager/mentor with high school students. In many fields, the coaching approach has been used to provide opportunities for people to share skills, experiences, and network with others. For youth, coaching may provide opportunities to learn from others who have experience in working in an occupation or business that matches with a student’s career interests. This approach will also provide opportunities to make valuable contacts in the local community who may have influence over employment or other opportunities.

This project seeks to address the following labour market issues:

  • Lack of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and the authentic use of said skills.
  • Lack of understanding about culture, the globalized world, and how to navigate globalized business.
  • Deficiencies in 21st Century skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and communication.
  • Apathy, poor attendance, disengagement, and poor work ethic.
  • Branding awareness of New Brunswick as an advanced, entrepreneurial, inclusive, educational innovator.

The attached report showcases the results and data from our two years in New Brunswick classrooms.

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