What percentage of the money raised by schools goes to your work in Uganda?

100%. Our operational costs in Canada are covered by the New Brunswick government, generous private donors, and corporations who believe in the value of our work.

How many Skype sessions would my club/class/school get over the course of a school year?

Our kids in Uganda LOVE to Skype with children around the world. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (after school, homework, and chores) they Skype twice for 30 minutes each. This 3 hour per week schedule allows each of our schools to connect at least 2 times per school year.

What supports are available for linking student excitement to curricular learning?

As you know, teachers are incredible when it comes to harnessing engaged minds and directing the energy to any area of the curriculum. Our network of over 50 schools would be a resource for you, as would lesson plans and teacher resources that we produce.

Would we only Skype with Uganda?

While this is the highlight of our educational program, our committed schools in Toronto, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, New York, Florida, and Colorado are also interested in connecting with your students.

What is the financial commitment?

Since enhancing education and global citizenship is as important to us as the work in Uganda, we have happily facilitated one-off Skype sessions around the world without cost or commitment. Other schools match up to a single child and seek to cover basic needs (food, rent, school fees, medicine) at a target of $300. Any money that exceeds their needs is stored in our building account, which eventually will allow us to stop renting, build a larger house of our own, and ultimately transform the lives of more Ugandan orphans. In fact, some schools fundraise exclusively for this long term goal.


How much does it cost to meet the basic needs of the kids?

Approximately $1,200US per child per year.

What will happen to the kids after they graduate from secondary school?

Attending school is something these children didn’t get to do before, but it is not enough. They will need skills training and/or post-secondary opportunities that will carry them, their families, and their communities sustainably forward. We seek to provide these opportunities. Our High School Entrepreneurship classes are running small businesses and donating their profits to a post-secondary fund for each child.

Are you registered?

CHAT to the Future is a registered non-profit. BN: 843839903


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